Treasure TV

CASE STUDY: Collectables Mini-Channel

Treasure TV has a regular TV slot every week devoted to music and sports memorabilia, collectibles and photographic art.


Treasure TV will be presented by Mike Read, the well-known DJ and personality who is well known for his encyclopedic knowledge of music memorabilia, vinyl, hosting quiz shows and celebrity interviews.


Treasure TV will only sell and market original products and items which are validated and authenticated by experts.

Treasure TV will introduce celebrities and sports personalities to join in the presentations and marketing support.

Treasure TV will join forces with Jimmy Osmond of the world famous Osmond family to sell some great music and entertainment memorabilia from the USA.

"Jimmy has a diverse range of skills - apart from being a major star in the world, Jimmy has a stong interest in business and a great love of memorabilia and collectables, much of which can be viewed in his theatre - The Andy Williams Theatre in Branson, Missouri".

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