Toilet Plungers High Pressure Air Drain Blaster Gun

Style: 5th generation
Sale price£19.99


Do you often encounter blocked toilets, sinks, drains and sewers.  This versatile dredging device can easily solve this frequently occurring problem.
Practical, convenient and efficient. Suitable for household cleaning, reusable, safe and easy to operate manually.
Remove hard obstacles without using irritating chemicals.  Ergonomic handle, pressure relief safety valve design.
The pressure gauge can clearly observe the air pressure during use. After the improvement, the sewage is prevented from flowing back.
High-pressure design, no electricity required, powerful pneumatic piping design, one-button dredging pipe
New plug, easy to install, suitable for all kinds of pipes.
High-speed air jets drive water in the pipeline to wash away
The elastic seal prevents splashing, spiral pressure dredges.

Product category: toilet suction
Material: ABS
Product size: 52*15*9.5cm

Package Content:
1 x dredge, 1 x pump, 2 x plug

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