Simple Collar Short Neckband Neck Chain

style: A
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Available in a variety of styles with a unique design, stylish and beautiful.

Material: bright pearl/alloy (plated real gold)
Maintenance method: Avoid direct contact with highly volatile substances, which will easily cause the gold jewelry to fade.
Put it in the jewelry box when not wearing it to avoid friction and damage.

A: Golden pearl necklace
B: Silver pearl necklace
C: Black gold pearl necklace
D: Black and silver pearl necklace
E: Gold crystal necklace
F: Silver crystal necklace
G: Gold sequin necklace
H: Silver sequin necklace
I: Pearl silver chain
J: Golden pearl chain + pearl silver chain (two-piece set)
K: Golden pearl chain + gold sequins (two-piece set)
L: Silver pearl chain + silver sequins (two-piece set)
M: Golden crystal chain + pearl silver chain (two-piece set)

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