Jayne Mansfield plays roulette in Las Vegas

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This iconic Black & White image captured by Frank Worth of Jayne Mansfield in Las Vegas. 

 Svelte Jayne Mansfield plays roulette in Las Vegas.  Blonde and mesmerisingly voluptuous, Jayne Mansfield became a renowned sex kitten of both Hollywood and Italian-produced movies in the 1950s and 60s.

Married at sixteen to her high school sweetheart and becoming a mother at 17, she started out as a physics major, switching first to drama at the University of Texas and then later to UCLA. After she and her husband parted company, she joined a Dallas stock broking company and headed to Hollywood.

Mansfield used her exceptional IQ (reportedly 163) to smartly break into movies via a series of incredible publicity stunts and thus became a household name, even before appearing in a film. After bleaching her hair, she won a few beauty contests and did some TV work, before then making her screen debut in "Pete Kelly's Blues" with Peggy Lee.

With the authenticity of the Estate of the Seal of Frank Worth

Size 11 inches x 17 inches unframed.

The perfect gift.

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