The Electronic Rechargeable Ruler with 8 functions

Color: Black
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Flexible Measuring Function- designed to easily measure any curved surface and linear surfaces
Measurement Limit- Measures up to 10 meters for a single range with accuracy and up to 100 meters of accumulated range.
Precision and Accuracy- measuring the length or circumference of the object to the nearest 0.1 cm as it has in built high precision technology
Handy Size and Design- portable and easy to carry in your bag or pocket.  Light weight of 35g.
Durable Large Screen - to easily view the measurement and built to withstand pressure and friction
Battery Life- with a 200mah built in lithium battery which only requires a five-minute charge to have a non stop experience through out your work
Night Mode Convenient - your activity wont be interrupted with or without light as it has built in LED display


Type: Handheld rangefinder
Model: Small Q electronic ruler
Measuring range: 9.99 meters
Accuracy: 5 (mm)
Working voltage: 5 (V)

Package Content
electric gauge*1

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