The all purpose shower caddy

Color: Black 2 pieces
Sale price£18.99


1、 High-Quality Material: Made of high-quality stainless steel, the rack is wear-resistant and moisture-proof and durable.
2、Punch-free Rack: With a punch-free design, the rack can be installed anywhere. It is suitable for a variety of smooth surfaces and is easy to install.
3、Stable and Durable: The rack bears force evenly, it is stable and durable
4、Good Loading Performance: With guardrail design, the rack is safe and anti-fall. Made of a thick 4.0mm frame and with an argon arc welding process, it does not rust or scratch your hands, with good load-bearing.
5、Multi-scenario Application: The multi-functional storage rack is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, and many other places.

Name: Nail-free wall hanging rack
Material: Iron
Size: Black tripod (send 2 double buckle hooks), white tripod (send 2 double buckle hooks), black tripod 2 packs (free 4 double buckle hooks), white tripod 2 packs (Free 4 double buckle hooks)
Bearing weight: 5KG
Number of layers: 1 Layer

Package Content:
1*Storage Rack

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