The No Hands 360 Degree Adjustable Fishing Pole Holder

Color: Universal single turret
Sale price£15.00


1. Meticulously made: The stainless steel tapered spikes are lengthened and thickened, and can easily enter the ground (mud, sand, rock cracks).
2. 360° Omni directional design: The bracket head can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically.  Easy to adjust any different angles you need when fishing on the beach, river or lake.
3. Universal type: The holder can be applied to most types of fishing rods, such as rotating and casting rods. The upgraded bracket has a larger size, making the rod more stable.
4. Easy to carry: The foldable and detachable design is easy to carry and store.
5. Nylon frame holder/sea use/universal adjustment.


Material: nylon + stainless steel
Style: single turret/double turret
Features: Nylon frame head/hand and sea dual-purpose/universal adjustment

Package Content
1 X Fishing Rod Holder

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