TV Warehouse are proud to feature the main PRIZE WINNER of our “Road to Recovery” competition. Tune into SKY 676 or FREEVIEW 90 (Greater Manchester region) every night at 8.30 pm throughout November to hear all about this exclusive offer to celebrate their 32 years of providing premium quality wines & champagnes to the best restaurants in the UK and now available online.

We have 2 exclusive offers for you and not to be missed! - a case of hand selected superb wines & the very best of champagne with great character and individuality.

A superb selection by their team comprising of 12 wines including a zesty Prosecco, a couple of fantastic organic wines, a new and exciting rosé that would give some famous rosés a good run for the money, whites and reds from different parts of the world and even a gorgeous honeyed & fruity dessert wine, to make sure your experience ends on a sweet note!

Introducing Champagne Thiénot a small boutique champagne house offering a fantastic introductory case of six (6) top of the range quality boutique champagnes which includes their Brut NV, Rose pink and their 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs. Thiénot is renowned for its distinctive house style, passion, elegance, and quality. The signature style of Thiénot, is the epitome of finesse, fruit and freshness.

What I devised was a system of internal ties that keep the filling of the Gx Pillow in place, rather than spreading out and flattening down as other pillows do, our pillow pulls in and up. In the Gx Suspension PillowTM the ties work to gently cradle the head and neck to provide extra comfort that lasts throughout the night. In the Gx Support Pillow more substantial ties give firmer support to your back and shoulders to secure your posture while you sit.

Direct Store TV is a supplier of unique quality products seen on TV and at consumer shows around the world. We bring you professional demonstrators who know the products and are able to expertly show you how they work in a fun but informative way. Direct Store TV The home of the demonstration with over 40 years experience!

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Dormeo has been the home of a great night's sleep for 15 years and has made a huge impact on millions of people lives all around the world. This special anniversary is a celebration of international success that has contributed to bringing a revolution to the sleeping industry and has educated consumers, who are now more aware that healthy sleep is one of the most important pillars of a happy and fulfilling life.


The Perfect Fit Massage Bed is a new and innovative sleep experience. The world’s most comfortable luxurious bed combined with a soothing, relaxing massage.

We are an innovative British upstart brand. We design music products, content & experiences that create shared music entertainment experiences for the family home. We are proud to have the support of major artists, record labels and a whole series of respected industry figures.

The TEBO Chair combines a traditional Chinese massage with advanced science and technology that closely imitates the kneading, pressing, pushing, rubbing, and massaging techniques.

The hi-tech features of far infrared heating, vibrational therapy and magnetic therapy deliver health benefits that are off the charts.

Total Gym FIT!
Increased strength and endurance ✅ Improved coordination and balance ✅ Designed for improved injury recovery ✅ Increased metabolism ✅
A healthier BMI ✅

The Secret Is It's 24 Ladders in 1

For Every Job In Every Location Inside Or Outside Your House.Get 10 x More Use Out Of This Modern Adjustable Ladder System Compared To Old Fashioned Fixed Ladders. Hard To Reach Guttering? Washing Hard To Reach Windows? No Problem! Painting Your House, Getting Into The Hard To Reach Staircases? Easy!