Stainless Steel Kitchen Timer Cooking Clock Alarm

Color: Black
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Mechanical Design
Mechanical spring design can work without batteries. It can be timed with a single twist. Easy, simple, and closed design can not be disassembled. It is environmentally friendly with magnet design
There is a magnet on the back, adsorbed on ferrous objects such as refrigerators and microwave ovens, which is space-saving and convenient.
Easy to Use
First, rotate clockwise, let the red pointer point to 55 (do not rotate counter-clockwise), and then rotate counter-clockwise to the time you want to set.
Visual Color Film
Red visual color film dial time at a glance, when spinning the clockwork spring, bring a round of striking red film, color film with the pointer moving contraction, the small body has 72 decibels of a loud burst.
Precise Scale and Wide Use
The scale is accurate, helping you to accurately grasp the time required. Suitable for a variety of scenarios. Suggest to use it in the room where you are.
Instructions for use:
■It must be screwed to 55 scales every time (do not exceed 55 scales)
■This type of timer is mechanical. Turning to the 55 scales is the function of winding. It cannot ring without winding.
■Do not rotate counterclockwise when the interface is white, it will damage the timer
■When the set time is up, there will be a 3-5 second bell reminder

Material: Metal
Color: White, red, black
Style: Modern and simple
Appearance: Round
Power type: Manual mechanical
Name: Kitchen mechanical timer
Scope of application: Kitchen, study, fitness, etc.
Timing duration: 0-55 minutes
Specifications: Height: 3.6cm, Diameter: 7.3cm

Package Content
1*Cooking Timer

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