Gx Suspension Pillow 2nd Generation

Material: Medium-Soft
Sale price£39.99


The Gx Suspension Pillow is the perfect sleeping pillow. Our Medium-soft version is the original, the unique patented internal ties (the first of their kind in the world) pull the pillow up and in to gently cradle the head and neck, providing comfort that lasts through the night. The Medium-firm version has exactly the same ties but a little more filling to give that extra firmness some people like. If you’ve forgotten the pleasure of a great night’s sleep try the Gx Suspension Pillow, it’s the pillow that hugs you back. The second generation Gx Suspension Pillow features: -

100% Cotton Shell for a softer more luxurious feel

Our special Polycoz filling for even greater comfort

Integral vented end to keep you and the pillow cool

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