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Solinge the Multi-Sharpener is a universal hand held device designed to sharpen a wide variety of tools around your home and garden.  Sharpen kitchen knives including serrated blades, scissors, pizza cutters, nail scissors/clippers, garden shears, pruners, lawn mower blades, garden hoe's, digging spades, axes.  

The tool is fitted with unique design tungsten carbide-sharpening plates which  are free to move around inside the tool and automatically adjusts to fit every different blade angle.  The onboard mini sharp can reach and sharpen areas you thought impossible to sharpen such an anvil garden pruners or cheese graters.  You do not need to apply pressure to the tool, you do not need any special skill, full instructions are included.  There are no batteries and no scary sparks!  The tool design shape keeps your hand away and safe from the sharp edges.

We do NOT recommend it for sharpening saws of any kind. No assembly of the tool is required.  Imported Weight 160 Grams

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