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Airtime Guarantees and Production Finance

TV Warehouse intends to provide competitive airtime rates for up and coming new products and brands to the support market led budgets and channel sales.

TV Warehouse will provide short and long time guarantees of  air-time to allow new and inventive brands to develop and prosper throughout the whole year.

TV Warehouse will also partner “Enterprise Brands” to deliver their products into the market.


A multi-platform TV shopping Channel.


Delivered by Sky on Channel 676 to reach a potential 9 million households.


Delivered on Freeview Channel 90 to approximately 1 million households in the Greater Manchester area - MTN has recently installed a new antennae on the Winter Hill transmitter in Manchester to increase coverage and power.


Delivered also by a dedicated TV Warehouse digital channel.

Delivered to suitable third party TV platforms internationally to build new audiences.

What is changing on TV Warehouse?

A new strategy for programming with shorter air-time slots being available and designed to encourage new advertisers and niche products.

More flexibility on air-time bookings.

Regular promotions and the introduction of a loyalty/reward programme for long term clients.

New eCommerce and website, offering more information and range of digital applications.

Headline presenters, original products and sales support.

New Channel Brands

TV Warehouse intends to offer a complete range of niche market and artisan products through the medium of TV shopping and eCommerce distribution.

TV Warehouse will be very focused on developing new and innovative retail brands via the medium of home shopping combined with eCommerce applications to extend distribution and sales.

TV Warehouse will also partner new enterprise brands to deliver their products into the market on a cost effective basis; the TV Warehouse team will advise and work with clients to achieve mutual success.

Enterprise Clients

TV Warehouse Enterprise clients are companies and individuals who have interesting or unique products needing brand awareness and promotion through TV and online exposure.


TV Warehouse will seek to identify and partner with brands and companies who manufacture or import outstanding products but still require product exposure to buyers and consumers.


TV Warehouse will carefully select such “special” products and where appropriate will finance the production costs to assist such brands to expand sales.

If you have a GREAT BRAND or an AMAZING PRODUCT and need EXPOSURE then Contact Us now.

Key Facts

TV Warehouse delivers an exciting format as a TV shopping channel by sponsoring and marketing new and established brands including pointing TV buyers and consumers to those brands via its channel.


TV Warehouse as a trusted TV shopping channel has operated successfully for over six years and will continue to innovate and be at the forefront of TV Shopping and online sales in the coming years.


TV Warehouse buyers source exciting and new products internationally and from the UK to offer our buying audience a range of products difficult to locate on the high street and at compelling prices.


TV Warehouse is a hybrid TV channel with a major presence on Sky, Freeview in the Greater Manchester area (with around 2.5m viewers) and online via internet platforms, to reach a wider range of younger buyers.


TV Warehouse is owned by Entertainment TV Channels Limited.