About Us

TV Warehouse is a multi-distribution TV Shopping Channel and the UK's leading independent Shopping Channel aired on Sky 676, Freeview 271, Freeview 90 (in the Greater Manchester Area) as well as being accessible online.

Established in 2012, TV Warehouse is a trusted platform to directly reach consumers. Our clients benefit from advertising their products on our channel that reaches an audience of up to 9 million homes within the UK on SKY, 12.7 million homes on Freeview 271 and 1 million homes in the Greater Manchester Area on Freeview 90.

At TV Warehouse, we also provide an all-encompassing advertising package for SME’s through our partnership with NOTonTV; offering online marketing and social media support for new advertisers and niche products.

We are one of very few TV Shopping Channels that sell airtime to both global brands and SME’s, offering competitive rates to companies of all sizes. We are also one of few media channels that enable clients to retain their own distribution, control their own cash and sales receipts, keeping all of their profits made outside of the airtime costs.

Through our video production partner Price Studios, TV Warehouse offer discounted production packages for our clients, including 4k video content with presenters for your TV advertising slot. We will also donate this content free of charge for your own social media channels, thereby saving considerable costs when changing campaigns.